Those Boldly Before You

Since the start of the Elevation Intern Program there have been over 300 bold interns.  That’s 300 people who were in your same position.  Take a look at how they became friends, family and a part of the Elevation Intern tradition.

“You come as you are, but learn what growth really looks like. I don’t look at things the same and I don’t look the same after my semester here. What I have experienced through this internship I will carry with me wherever I go.”

Elaina Carrion

Spring 2017

“Interning with Elevation challenged me to try things that stretched my abilities and magnified God’s impact. Things I didn’t know I was capable of were unlocked because of the encouragement to simply try them.”

Blake Taylor

Spring 2017

“The one thing God kept revealing to me throughout the course of my internship was the word “More”. God showed me that I am MORE than I originally thought I was, that I am capable of MORE than I ever could’ve imagined, but most importantly, that He is MORE than I could ever fathom.”

Jesse Alberts

Fall 2016

“I went out on a whim and applied to the program – I had just graduated college and my lease was about to be up, but I knew that God was calling me to take a big step in faith. My capacity for learning, creating and leading has been strengthened and I’ve seen God move like never before.”

Crystal Childress

Fall 2016

“Community plays such an integral part in achievement and growth. It wasn’t until the end of the internship, when I got home that I realized the best resource Elevation had to offer, was community.”

Jelissa Lebron

Summer 2016

“Interning at Elevation exceeded all of my expectations.  My supervisor was incredibly empowering, and he helped stretch me into a better person and leader.  I grew more over the course of a few weeks than in any other season of my life.”

Wesley Knott

Summer 2016

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